List of presentations

000025. Pavel Sharikoff Character Tools, maxscript: The script is designed for working with Characters in the 3ds max program. The script solves the following problems: 1). Allows you to easily correct small symmetry imperfections in an Editable Poly model without changing its topology. 2). Makes it easier to work with Skin and Skin Morph modifiers by allowing you to save working sets of points involved in different levels of modifiers. 3). When working with Cat and Biped objects in Animation mode, it allows you to symmetrically place any bone relative to another bone.
000023. Pavel Sharikoff Character Tools, maxscript: Скрипт предназначен для работы с Персонажами в программе 3ds max. Позволяет легко устранить небольшие несовершенства симметрии модели Editable Poly, не меняя ее топологию. Облегчает работу с модификаторами Skin и Skin Morph позволяя сохранять рабочие наборы точек. При работе с обьектами Cat и Biped в режиме Animation позволяет симметрично разместить любую кость относительно другой кости.
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000020. Spider Transformation into a pig.: Morphing of the mesh of the girl's body into the body of a pig. The archive contains a character grid with a morpher
000019. Spider Animation of a woman's face.: The archive contains obj-files for creating animation of a female face, an obj-file of a female body. All files were
000018. Admin How to get access to non-public site materials: When creating a Presentation, the user has the option to exclude the presentation from the public stream, thus making

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