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How to get access to non-public site materials

When creating a Presentation, the user has the option to exclude the presentation from the public stream, thus making his presentation "non-public". In this case, access to this page will be carried out only through a direct link from an external resource. Subject to the approval of the materials by the Site Moderator, the tasks of promoting and advertising such materials are entirely the problems of the owner of the Presentation. Visitors wishing to access such materials may purchase access. To do this, on the page Buy enter the request uncensored - you will be given the amount in bitcoins (~ 10-20usd) and bitcoin wallet number. By paying this amount, you will automatically get access to view the "non-public" pages of the site. In this case, you should register your account, otherwise you may lose access after some time.

Download address:
Archive name: uncensored -> [buy password]
Price ($) 10.00
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